I’ve always thought you my friend to be,

Untouchable, mature, calm and collected

I’ve never thought that I didn’t see,

Past your frosty demeanor once unraveled

A heart wishing for a romantic story

Now my hopes both forlorn and unfulfilled

For you already were with somebody



Though the years I lived have passed; forgotten

Though the things I treasure was lost; neglected

Though the friends I had was estranged; missing

There’s one memory I always recall; cherished


For even if I forget myself, I wouldn’t be able to forget you

Heart of Glass

I do not know…


…if my heart is filled to the brim with love that I can’t love you any more.


…if my heart is emptied of love that I can love you no longer.


…if the way I love you is the most I can do for you.


…if the way I make up things for you is the least I can do for you.


…how my heart of glass can grow in parallel to my feelings.


…how my heart of glass can shatter to free my lingering feelings.

The Best Example

Upon the sound of rain I reminisce

in my love you have given no notice

as my passion only felled tear drops;

Semblance akin to nature’s rain drops

both tiny yet many and immeasurable

differing only in former barely hearable,

Try and trying always ending up in despair

fearing, maybe truly we’ll never be a pair,

Slowly time pass & they fall upon the land

secret surprise for they formed a big pond

now everything visible not only to me, see!

alas upon your knowing I cried a whole sea,

Unkown would be to me how this came to be

knowing only tears fell not due to a sad story

rather it seems that I was quite, no, too happy,

Holding, embracing you as I lie down & listen

to the tears of heaven giving a rythmic lulling

as upon the sound of rain I reminisce…