Definition of Beauty

I spy with my own two eyes,

Not the most beautiful girl in the world

But rather what was caught in my sight lies,

The only beautiful girl in the entirety of planet Earth

The most amazing girl in the whole universe

For she brings laughter and happiness

For she is full of devotion

With dreams and aspirations

Not limited to beauty and riches tangible

But also riches of character and ever-lasting spirituality

Of intelligence, kindness and creativity;

Of what we call the inner beauty

Of what is truly beautiful


I spy the most beautiful girl in front of me

I spy her who is only filled with cruelty

I spy all the things I want to see

I spy not her imperfections that truly makes a human filed w/ beauty

I spy not the reality of my stupidity which forced to be full of cruelty

Bucket List

1. I wish to see the northern aurora, the prettiest flora and fauna

2. I wish to sail the seven seas, and explore the undersea

3. I wish to venture to outer space, and tour the most exotic places

4. I wish to live in a house called home, and raise a happy family

5. I wish to do all these things with you



I am a man of many personalities, both simple and complex


There’s me who favor cats with their irresistible charm and personality

Me who treats dogs, birds, rodents – all animals alike, with care


Me who’s obsessive, organized, and complete neat-freak

Me who’s, lazy, messy, and absolutely unseemly


Me who drinks a glass of warm milk after a meal

Me who feels hyper after a bottle of carbonated drink


Me who’s recluse, silent and patient

Me who’s short-tempered, scary and impulsive


And me who’s surprised with all the other me with many still unaccounted for yet no less complex – or more simple – than the others.


Yet, strangely enough, with all of the me in constant conflict

There’s a single point all of me agrees with,


That is, ‘I Love You’

Untouched Present

I gave you all I could think of presenting the moment I met you

I gave you my love, my word, my time


And at the end of the day you had my everything

You had my love left unnurtured, whithering, waiting for a shower of affection rarer than even the rarest thing

You had my words forgotten, promises, broken, and vows unkept

You had my time unmoving, never even ticking, kept at the past, not even to the present, yet hoping for the future

At the end of the day, you had my everything


The start of a new day, and still you have my everything

You have my love that knows no love

My words unspoken

My time never taken


I love you, though I do not know how to love you

I have a picture of words to tell you, yet I do not know how to speak to you

I have all the time in the world for you, but not a single second with you