I now know the reason why my heart beats whenever I’m around you.

It began the moment I realized I didn’t really fall in love with you.

It was because you already had my heart even before I met you.

And it was just a matter of actually meeting you,
For my heart which you held, to resonate with my presence, and start beating for you.


7 thoughts on “Fate

  1. Hi,
    That’s beautiful. Is this a poetry blog or a relationship blog? I almost became a relationship blogger.
    Congratulations on being Danny Ray’s featured blogger from the Dream Big, Dream Often site. I was his featured blogger too!
    Maybe you can check out my site if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about. I brought you the link to my About page, so you can read more about what my blog can do for you.
    Like Danny, I also have many networking events each month where you could meet new readers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there, first of all I would like to thank you for the compliment.

      Next, I don’t really know the purpose of this blog. I just fill it with poems and quotes that may or may not have sense and others may or may not relate to. So I guess its a poetry blog.

      I checked your blog, found it to be much to my wanting, and would like to subscribe to it (in fact I already did) :).

      Liked by 1 person

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