TV-depicted Mouse

You know what?


You are like cheese, you stink the longer you are stored

You show of sides I’ve never known before

Sides I would find disagreeable, unlikable

Things irksome such as OCD, mood swings, and appetite


Yet because you are like cheese,

I only become happier the more I know of these peculiarities

Because, doesn’t that  mean that I get to know more about the one I love?

For just like cheese, you can only get better the longer I spend time with you

And I can only learn to love your OCD, mood swings, and appetite

Tinted Glasses

“It is not a risk you have to take, but an opportunity you grab

Not a problem, but a challenge

Not vanity, but self-respect

Not tears to express pain, but tears that form from the pain let go

Not crazy, but genius

Not stupid, but simple

Not failure that will be a stigma, but lesson learned to achieve success

Not thin, but slender

Not fat, but healthy

Not fuming at you with wrath, but angry at your mistakes

Not unsociable, but silent

Not ugly, but unique

Not I’m in love with you, but I love you

Not me and you, but we

Not impossible, but I’m possible

You do not need to change yourself, all you need is to change your view.”


People often seem to misconstrue;
Though it’s true that its because of you
That I write my poems  both lovely and a tad sad blue

People often seem to misunderstand;
Though its true that I have lost my self unable to stand
That I write with an aching heart and a shaking hand

People should now know that because of you,
I lost the worst parts of myself thanks to you,
My heart only ached because it learned to beat for you,
I have only learned to write inspired by you.


Here lies my broken heart
Spread out over the ground

Yet it still aches though its crushed
Yet it still beats though its cracked

Yes… Its scattered pieces still loves you
Through all the pain its gone through


Other people have hobbies,
Playing games, reading books, listening to music…

Leisurely past times for pleasure and relaxation,
Collecting rare items, dancing, singing…

Other people have hobbies.
But me? The only hobby, past time, passion that I have.
Is you.


I now know the reason why my heart beats whenever I’m around you.

It began the moment I realized I didn’t really fall in love with you.

It was because you already had my heart even before I met you.

And it was just a matter of actually meeting you,
For my heart which you held, to resonate with my presence, and start beating for you.