Thoughtful Misunderstanding

I have never asked for your attention

Though I have begged for your benefaction

I have never regretted the excruciation

Though I have cried at your destitution

I have never sought for redemption

Though I have fought for your liberation

I have never corrected the misapprehension

Though I have persisted with your protection

I have never flinched with the fabrication

Though I have feared of your unravelation


I have never…


I will never…

For all I have done is for your jubilation


Red , kissable lips luscios and rosy

Orange atmosphere of vibrant gaiety

Yellow illumination of youthful energy

Green freshness and natural-born beauty

Violet grace and mature allure from royalty

Indigo hue of a woman’s secret & complexity

Blue sky’s reflection of benovelance and purity

Bedtime Story

Whenever I’m drowsy, I tell myself a story.

Not one written nor read such as poetry, but one called from memory.

I close my eyes so I may see, I do not speak to listen to the symphony.

As I recount the images and voices of you and me, akin to watching netflix in HD.

My mind goes hazy while thinking, were we to meet in our dreams oh how good it would be.

Unilateral Criticism

I blame you for everything.

I blame you for enchanting me.

I blame your cheerful smile that blows away all fatigue;

Your eyes full of clarity showing off its purity.

Your mellifluos voice, tender and sweet.

Your aura of complexity; sometimes graceful, youthful, stormy, exasperated – all differing yet all charmful.

Your intellect, of captivating thoughts and ideas.

Your kindness and saving grace.

Your wholehearted piety.

I blame your everything…

I blame you for everything.

Definition of Beauty

I spy with my own two eyes,

Not the most beautiful girl in the world

But rather what was caught in my sight lies,

The only beautiful girl in the entirety of planet Earth

The most amazing girl in the whole universe

For she brings laughter and happiness

For she is full of devotion

With dreams and aspirations

Not limited to beauty and riches tangible

But also riches of character and ever-lasting spirituality

Of intelligence, kindness and creativity;

Of what we call the inner beauty

Of what is truly beautiful